Sauce Fanatic+ is a FREE way for you to become a supporting member of the Sauce Fanatic family! Read below for additional information on what it is, how you can get it, and why we’re rolling it out.

Sauce Fanatic Plus+

Sauce Fanatic Plus

Sauce Fanatic is excited to announce that we are partnering with Grow to bring new and exciting features, functionality and access to exclusive content to members of our community. It’s a free service – and by free we mean really free – which will allow you, our community, who sign up for Sauce Fanatic+ to Grow with us and access specific premium content.

Why are you adding premium content?

It’s a little complicated. We started this website as a passion project – we love to cook and share recipes, tricks, and tips with readers. We do the recipe testing and come up with the best possible versions of recipes so that you don’t have to do any experimenting. And what started out as a fun way to share our passion with you all ended up becoming a business.

We are so excited by how Sauce Fanatic has grown, and by how many of you love our site and recipes. It’s truly the most rewarding part of this job – and it’s been so fulfilling. But it is our job – we spend tons of time, effort, and resources creating and posting these recipes for you all each week.

We love that we’ve never had to charge for members of our community to access the recipes and features of our website. Our compensation for our work has come from advertising on our site.

Google announced that in 2024 they would no longer support 3rd party cookies. This means earning revenue from advertising will be much more difficult for those of us who run websites. Most programmatic ads use cookies to figure out which ads will best appeal and be most relevant to the readers.

So we’ve had a quandary to deal with. How to earn revenue without charging our readers? We can’t continue to operate the site without earning from it, but we feel strongly that the readers and members of our community who have supported this site from the beginning should be able to continue to access our content for free.

Here’s what we’ve sorted out. Many websites now are starting to use Grow. Grow allows websites like ours to establish direct relationships with our readers, and lets them to consent to receive personalized ads on our website, even without cookies.

Grow is a tool that has been built by Mediavine which has lots of great benefits for site owners and readers or supporters of the websites.

When you sign up for a free Grow account, you are directly helping us to continue to provide free content to our readers.

Grow has lots of cool features that you will see us start to roll out on the website. One that I am particularly excited about is bookmarks. This feature is awesome – you will be able to click the little heart next to recipes and save that recipe directly into your Grow bookmarks so you’ll be able to access those recipes quickly when you want them. Grow is working on allowing you to save those recipes into collections too, which will be awesome!

We’re going to start providing premium recipes that will only be available to members of our community who have signed up for a Grow or Sauce Fanatic+ account. You’ll have access to all our past recipes, and will be able to now see premium or for your eyes only recipes which you won’t want to miss.

Grow is just getting started, and as they “grow” so will we! We’re excited about the features they have in development and know that everything they roll out will improve your experience on our website. It’s an exciting time and we are eager for all there is to come, and for you to join us on the ride.

Sign up for your free Sauce Fanatic+ account today. We’re super confident you’ll love it and all it has to offer.

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